Friday, 9 May 2014

Slow Worms and Water Voles

Last week I went to check on a Slow Worm Anguis fragilis population in the Peak District. I found a total of 10 with an equal split of males and females. This population is on the edge of a village and many of the gardens also have the legless lizards. Just down the road on the River Wye there are Water Voles Arvicola terrestris so I had a look for them as well. I saw a couple but the first was the best sighting as a female was moving her young to another nest, she came back taking one at a time with a total of 5. There is also a good place 10 minutes from where I live on the South Yorkshire side of the Peak District where I saw about 5 animals.




Also at the Water Vole site were a couple of Common Lizards Vivipara zootoca and I keep adding to my number of bird photos.
 Common Lizard
 Great Crested Grebe
 Grey Wagtail

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  1. These are really amazing photographs.You probably shouldn’t try to photograph animals in extremely dangerous conditions, but don’t shrink away from challenges either. The majority of Helgestad’s photos are taken in the Artic.