Monday, 14 December 2015

Yorkshire Coast winter birding.

Well its that time of year if you want to get out and see some wildlife the only reliable subjects are birds. It has generally been rubbish near me this winter so I headed to the Yorkshire coast yesterday, firstly to Scarborough then on to Filey. Hazy sun was forecast up to twelve then white cloud but at least it wasn't windy. In Scabs harbour were 2 Black Necked Grebes a single Red Throated Diver and a few gulls. On to Holbeck where there are usually some Mediterranean Gulls easy to photograph if you have some treats for them. Next to Filey where it had now clouded over, the main quarry here was Purple Sandpiper and other waders.

 Black Necked Grebe

 Red Throated Diver


 Great Black Backed Gull

Herring Gull

 Adult Mediterranean Gull

 Juvenile Mediterranean Gull


 Purple Sandpiper



Monday, 23 November 2015

Goosanders and other winter birds.

It's a bit weird but easy to explain but the best place for Goosanders in winter is my local park, a busy park in urban Sheffield. The reason is simple, easy fishing. The pond is relatively small and the goosanders tend to hang about under the trees near the island and then venture out when the coast is clear. Although over time they get less shy allowing some fairly close photographs that simply wouldn't be possible on larger bodies of water. This week I counted 8 females and 6 males.

 2 females (redheads)
 2 males
 Male and female Goosanders
 Male and Female
 Male showing serrated beak
Snorkelling Male
 Barn Owl
  Black Headed Gull (Sub adult winter plumage)
 Black Headed Gull (Adult winter plumage)
 Male Gadwall
 Female Gadwall
Male Pintail

Friday, 21 August 2015

Summer Update

Ive not really been out that much with my camera of late as I tend to try and do a bit more cycling in summer but here are a few bits and bobs from the local area and a couple of pics from Cumbria. I've found another decent little spot for Water Voles about half a mile from my usual place.

 Water Voles

 Common Lizards

 Common Blue Damselfly
Emerald Damselfly
 6 Spot Burnet Moth
 Female Adder
 Ringed Plover
 Sandwich Terns
 Female Slow Worm
 Small Copper