Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Forthcoming Trip to Cyclades Islands Greece

In 3 weeks time I will be doing a field trip to the Cyclades Islands with Matt Wilson, Liam Russell and Stephen Roussos. We will visit 4 Islands but concentrate our efforts on 2. Flying to Santorini a quick ferry to Ios, for a week, Sikinos 1 night and then the remainder will be spent on Milos. The range of species is not great but there is some real quality. On Ios and Sikinos there are dwarf versions of Nose Horned Viper and Sand Boa, then on Milos there is the Milos Viper which is essentially a sub-species of Blunt nosed viper, these have a reputation of being a bit highly strung. There's also a couple of species of Wall Lizard I haven't seen before with the male Milos Wall Lizard especially nice. Throw in a few nice birds such as Eleneoras Falcon and some nice scenery and it should work out to be a cracking trip.

Below Nose Horned Vipers from Corfu 2009 and 2011.


  1. I can imagine that in Sikinos, an island with a population of around 100 people there will stay be an English bloke/cheesedick turn up behind us saying "Are there vipers around here? I've been told this is a good spot for them".

  2. Yeah or on a road that's see's a car every thousand years, one will appear in front of us just as we see the nicest snake of the trip and flatten it before our eyes!!!!

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