Sunday, 20 April 2014

Northern Counties Adder Special

Together with Lancastrian stalwart Matt Wilson we had an extended weekend going to several new spots to look for adders and any other wildlife of interest. We had 5 spots in mind, 1 in Derbyshire, 1 in South Yorkshire, 1 in North Lincolnshire and 2 in Lancashire. 2 of these are our regular local adder spots and the other 3 we hadn't been to before. In the event we found adders in four of the 5. With 11 or 12 in Derbyshire, 3 in South Yorkshire, 12 in Lancs and failed in Lincs probably because it was too warm. Along the way we had a few Common Lizards and a single skinny Grass Snake. A nocturnal visit to some small ponds revealed the most G C Newts I have seen there (30+) and interestingly ones in a murky clay bottomed pond were an unusual orange colour but ones 20 yards away in a weedy pond were normal. I don't know if they have a colour change ability like some other amphibians do but that's the only explanation I can think of. At one site we flushed a fox, for those folk who like foxes you might want to check (if you pay membership to any of the big conservation bodies) their policy on foxes as you might be surprised how many cull foxes, that's one of the reasons I'm not a member of any. How can they lecture other people for killing wildlife, when morally they are doing exactly the same thing and often the rationale is the same?. In my opinion we need more foxes to cull the plague of pheasants that seem to be everywhere at the minute (a non native species that has a negative impact on native reptiles) (Rant Over).

 First 3 Yorkshire males

 Next 3 Derbyshire males with 3 together and the first a nice freshly shed bluey

 Lancashire female
 Lancashire Males
 Lancashire  female and below Lancs pair
video of courtship

 Common Frog taddies
 Unusual G C Newts

 A more normal coloured Male
Grass Snake in need of a meal


  1. Thankyou Ana, you have some lovely photos on your blog, a bit jealous of the Lataste Viper.

  2. Awesome pics!Through this blog I came to know about different kind of Reptiles with name.Thank you for posting valuable blog with pics.