Friday, 23 August 2013

A Little Herping in Dorset

From August 10th-17th I had a week in Swanage Dorset with my daughter Sasha. Obviously I couldn't go all that way to the best herping county in England without having a look for some wildlife, but my main aim was to try and get some decent photos of Sand Lizard Lacerta agilis. I also did a fair bit of cycling ( you have to do something whilst waiting for a teenager to rise from their pit) as well as visiting some more touristy places. The weather was ok most of the week but rain Thursday afternoon enforced cancelling a trip to Brownsea Island. In the end the only reptile I didn't find was Grass Snake.

 view from caravan to Purbeck hills
 Above and below Smooth Snake

 Above and below Slow Worm

 Sand Lizard
 Male Adder
 Old Harry Rocks

 Female Common Blue
 Common Wall Lizard

 Above male and below female Green Lizard

 Viviparous Lizard
 Fallow Deer
 Common Blue Damselfly
 Emperor Moth Caterpilar
 Female Adder
 Lulworth Cove
 Newly hatched Sand Lizards

 Lulworth Range
 ?Keeled Skimmer
Sand Lizard

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