Sunday, 11 September 2011

The first neonate Adder of the Autumn.

I was really chuffed today as I found a neonate Adder Vipera berus. Even though I regularly see gravid females, once they give birth the newborns seem to vanish. Also in Autumn male adders become more obvious again and today I found once out basking which I think might be an old friend from spring. In additon I saw 2 Viviaparous Lizards Zootoca vivipara, and as always at this time of the year Dragonflies were in evidence mainly Black Darters Sympetrum danae.
The latest date I have seen adders in the UK is October 13th 2009 so if the weather stays warm,  there's about another 4 weeks before season comes to an end.

Newborn Adder (the Green Bottle gives a good size comparison) © Carl Corbidge
Above and below Male Adder © Carl Corbidge

Above and Below Black Darter © Carl Corbidge

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