Monday, 15 August 2011

Midwife Toads and the first Newborn Lizards of the Summer

In the week after work I went to see if female Adders Vipera berus had started to gather in the usual late summer spot. Whilst there I also saw the first juvenile Viviparous Lizard Zootoca vivipara of the year (plus one female Adder). When newborn they are very dark (but not black) when you get closer to them you can see the gold/orange flecks and specks, at this stage they shed about once a month and get lighter with each shed.

Adult Viviparous Lizard © Carl Corbidge
Juvenile Viviparous Lizard © Carl Corbidge
Juvenile Viviparous Lizard © Carl Corbidge
Female Adder © Carl Corbidge


Friday night I went to see a thriving population of Common Midwife Toads Alytes obstetricans here in South Yorkshire. Thanks again to Alan and Sue Mosley for letting me loose in their garden. Again the toads were very active and I saw 11 toads plus a few Common Frog Rana temporaria. Unlike during the last visit in April, I didn't see any egg carrying males.

Below 5 different Common Midwife Toads © Carl Corbidge

Common Frog © Carl Corbidge

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