Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hares and Harriers

I've seen quite a few Brown Hares locally in the last week, the tricky bit is trying to get pics without spooking them. Its also better if they are in a sitting up position rather than crouching trying to be invisible. I also saw 7 in a field in East Yorks on my way to Blacktoft Sands. At Blacktoft I saw loads of Marsh Harriers although most were at distance. Even better were a pair of Montagu's Harriers although again these were too far away for owt other than record shots. Blacktoft always makes me think I'm abroad especially with singing Cettis warbler.

 Brown Hares

 Female Montagu's Harrier
 Pair of Garganey
 Little Egret
 Male Marsh Harrier

 Sedge warbler
Male Wheatear

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  1. Smashing photos. Are you sure you aren't using a 600mm and not telling me?