Sunday, 31 August 2014

More (better) late summer herping.

Matt Wilson wanted to do a final bit of herping before he throws himself into his new teaching job. So I picked him up at 10 and because it was drizzling and dull we headed for a Slow Worm site. We quickly found 5 including a big gravid female. From here we went up onto the moors where I quickly spotted a Grass Snake followed by a Female Adder a couple of yards away. Alan Heeley and chums turned up and then Matt spotted a new born Adder and then between us we found 7 more. I found another female Grass Snake, we spotted another female Adder and Alan nearly stood on a male. Alan showed us his favourite spot for Lizards and indeed we saw about 10. There were also a few interesting insect sightings. All in all one of the best late summer herping days to date.

All Photos © Carl Corbidge

Female Slow Worm

Female Adder

 New Born Adder

New born Adder
Juvenile Common Lizard

 2 Common Lizards
 Female Grass Snake
 Caterpillar Spp  ? Buff Tip
 Female Common Hawker
Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar

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