Sunday, 10 November 2013

A few pictures from the last week

Just a few photos from my new camera which I am very pleased with so far, its certainly sharper when I crop the photos down. There are a lot of winter thrushes around but early in the season when there are a lot of berries around they are quite nervous. I also found a Angle Shades moth in my porch.

 Male Chaffinch
 Blue Tit

 Angle Shade Moth
 Female Blackbird


  1. Tried to send a comment yesterday, failed, I think, so this is by way of experiment. Chris (stubbing Lane photographer)

  2. Seems to have worked this time. Thank you for your tips - esp. Little owl location. You can find my photojournal at as the Blog is now inactive. You can see what I spotted after I left you. Very pleased with Patch tick.
    Cheers, Chris.