Monday, 18 January 2016

Owls and Squirrels

A few trips out with Matt Wilson in the new year has resulted in some good views of owls. We firstly went to the RSPB Burton mere where the best sighting was a Long Eared Owl, there were plenty of waders Marsh Harrier and Kingfisher, I was surprised how scenic the place was. Luckily to fill some time before the owl frenzy Matts other half Katerina, suggested going to the Red Squirrel spot in Lancashire. I must admit I didn't expect to see/get good views of any but in the event we saw 4. We quickly noticed a lot had an eye problem ie they only had one, this must be a result of the recent squirrel pox infection that decimated this population, luckily they are bouncing back. After this we went to a spot where both Barn Owls and Short Eared Owls had been seen. In the event we saw 4 shorties and 2 barn. Back nearer home I went to another spot where Hen Harrier and 2 shorties had been seen, no harrier but 4 shorties showing really well.

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